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    PINGXIANG RED LAND HUMIC ACID CO.,LTD is founded in the year of 2009. Pursuing excellence and integrity, we committed to research and development of humic acid products. Vigorous moves have been taken to explore more application of humic acid products and to drive its development to serve the community with our best products.

    CONVINIENT TRANSPORTATION  Our company locates in Pingxiang economic development zone in Jiangxi Province. There are 320 and 319 national high way, Shanghai-Kunming expressway, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail, and also Zhejiang-Jiangxi rail crossing by. It is only 15 kilometers away from our plant to Shanghai-Kunming expressway entrance. With the good location, it is very convenient for our customers to visit by and very handy for us to deliver products. 

    RICH RESOURCES   The city Piangxiang and it‘s surrounding area have plenty of humic acid reserves. What’s more, we have a humic acid raw material processing line in Inner Mongolia. Our raw material storage is over 30.000 tons, which have 3 features, high humic acid, high molecular weight, and high activity.  

    OUR STRENGTH    The total investment of red land humic acid exceeds 1 million dollar. The plant covers a land of 20,000. The workshop is about 3000. And the warehouse where we put the standard final goods occupies a place of 2000. With more than 50 professional employees working day and night shifts on 6 producing line which contains 4 processes including smashing, pelleting, crystallizing and drying, we can reach an output of humic acid products more than 50000 tons a year.  

    TECHNOLIGY ADVANTAGE  Our company has established long term cooperation with professors from Jiangxi Agricultural University, Central South Universitym and Agricultural University Of Hunan. We are experienced in planting, manuring, foddering Livestock and poultry drugs using, aquaculture, adhesive,and beneficiation business. And most of all, we have quite an advantage in producing Potassium humate in prill, urea humate, feed grade sodium humate, Special humic acid concentration, fulvic potassium humate. 

    OUR MARKET  Every year, over 100 demestic clients and 200 clients from abroad come to visit RED LAND HUMIC ACID. Our annual sales has surpassed 30 million Yuan. Our products have been sold to cities all over China. Til now, we have been exported our products to South America, South-east Asia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Israel, Australia, the United States, Tajikistan and other countries